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West Kempsville Youth Athletics

West Kempsville Youth Athletics


Cheer for Football-  $110.00 registration fee includes a $20 deposit returned to you when uniform is returned.
Cheer for Basketball- $90.00 registration fee


  Mission Statement

 The purpose of West Kempsville Youth Athletics Cheerleading program is to provide an enjoyable experience for each youth participant, while developing character, skills, sportsmanship, and to promote goodwill among all players, coaches, parents, officials and recreational staff.

 Enforcing WKYA Policy

 It is the policy of WKYA to discipline any participant or guest for misconduct. All instances of misconduct require the Enforcement Official to determine if the participant is amenable to the policy or procedure. If the party is not amenable, the Enforcing Official will suspend the offending party, prohibiting further participation in any WKYA activity. This action will always require the violator to leave the event. If necessary, law enforcement officials will be summoned for assistance. The Enforcing Official’s decision is undisputable and final until the WKYA Board of Directors reviews the infraction. WKYA Board Members, Game Officials, and Coaches are designated by WKYA as Enforcement Officials. Inappropriate conduct, i.e. foul language, conduct that could affect the safety of the children, and violation of WKYA Policies and/or Procedures (including yelling at the officials) are all valid reasons to be asked to leave the park and are considered misconduct. Warnings are not necessary. These procedures are in place protect WKYA and the children participating.

 All participants and/or guests will abide by the WKYA Zero tolerance policy.

Ages 6-12

a)    Team assignments are determined by as of the first practice.

b)    The Coordinator has the right to place age groups together based on registrations.

c)    Siblings can be placed on the same squad with parent request.  If siblings are placed together the children will be placed in the younger child’s age group.

d)    Basketball cheer- teams should not exceed 8-10 cheerleaders per squad.

e)     Football cheer- teams should not exceed 11-15 cheerleaders per squad.


WKYA will issue a Cheerleading Top, skirt (for football only), Pom-pom, T-shirt & bow.

            The uniform must be returned at the end of the season.  T-shirt and bow is yours to keep.

          *Uniforms MAY NOT permanently be altered. You may tuck and pin the uniform but cannot change from the original design  

 a)    White shoes and socks are recommended for all seasons.

b)    FOOTBALL- all cheerleading must wear bloomers or shorts under the skirt to cover the underwear.

1.       Cheerleading cannot participate without bloomers or shorts.

c)    BASKETBALL- all cheerleading must wear provided team shirt and shorts in color designated by the coordinator.

2.       Cheerleading cannot participate without proper uniform.

d)    NO Jewelry may be worn..  Medical alerts must be taped down.

e)    Makeup is acceptable, no face/body Rhinestones will be allowed (face/body stickers are acceptable).

f)     Hair must be pulled away from the face.


Practices will be a minimum of 1 night or 45 minutes and a maximum of 3 days a week or 5 hours.

a)    NO Jewelry may be worn. Medical alerts must be taped down

b)    Hair must me pulled away from the face.


a)    Cheerleaders must wear official cheerleading uniforms.

b)    Cheerleaders are responsible for bringing all cheerleading equipment to/from games.

c)    Hair must be pulled back away from the face.

d)    No jewelry allowed during games (except medical alerts).

e)    Cheering on court/field during halftime is permitted as long as it doesn’t delay the game (approximately 1 minute in length to cheer).

f)     Cheerleaders will join their sport teams after the game for handshakes/tunnel.

g)    When there is an injured player on the field/court, all cheering will stop and cheerleaders will take a knee until the player is removed or leaves the field/gym.



a)    All coaches will turn in a background in accordance with Virginia Beach Parks and Rec and all city regulated testing.

b)    It is the coach's responsibility to maintain proper conduct among his/her team and parents at all times.

c)    Coaches will advise their players/parents/guest of the WKYA Zero Tolerance Policy. 

d)    Coaches will abide by Rec Rules set for by the national cheer associations.

e)    Coaches will not be teaching tumbling skills without the proper certifications, certifications must be shown to the Cheer Coordinator.




a)    Participates will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.

b)    Cheerleaders will not practice any stunts without a coach or adult supervision.

c)    Uniform must be worn for games in the fashion listed in the Uniform section.




a)    Parents are expected to abide by the WKYA Zero tolerance policies.

b)    Parents are expected to stay with their child, if parents must leave a child for any reason it is expected to make arrangements with the coach.

c)    Speak with a coach after practice or game about thoughts/concerns/ideas, except in the case of unsafe conditions.




a)    Issue uniforms in a timely fashion, as made available from the manufacturer

b)    Issue team assignments in a timely fashion.

c)    Issued game/practice schedule as they become available.

d)    Handle most problems, discrepancies, etc.




Cheer teams will abide by Rec rules set forth by the nation cheer associations.


General rules:


General tumbling


a)    All tumbling must originate from and land on the performing surface (field/court). 

b)    Tumbling over, under, or through a stunt, individual or prop is not allowed

c)    Tumbling while holding or in contact with any prop is not allowed

d)    Assisted or connected tumbling is not allowed

e)    Dive rolls are not allowed


Standing/running tumbling


a)    Skills must involve constant physical contact with the performing surface.  Tumbling skills must involve hand support with both hands when passing through the inverted position

b)    Forward and backward rolls, front and back walkovers, and handstands are allowed

c)    Cartwheels and round-offs are allowed

d)    Front and back handspring are not allowed


a) All stunts may not be higher than waist level 

b) No basket tossing

 Your Cheerleading Coordinator

Tosha Royse
  Board member


Registration Listing

2024 Fall Cheerleading Football



Registration closes on 08/01/2024 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 08/01/2024 to 11/30/2024


West Kempsville Youth Athletics
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